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What’s Your Excuse? Rock Steady Boxing Classes

Rock Steady Boxing – What’s Your Excuse?


  1. I Am Too Old to Participate

No, you’re not. Rock Steady Boxing has no limits. There are boxers over 90 years of age taking part , and as young as mid-40’s. You are never too old to fight back!


  1. My Parkinson’s Has Progressed Too Far to Benefit

Even if your Parkinson’s has progressed to using a walker or a wheelchair, you can benefit from the Rock Steady Boxing program. Exercises are always modified based on each individual’s ability. We offer four levels of classes, based on physical fitness and Parkinson’s progression. 


  1. Rock Steady is Not Convenient for Me

Even if you can only come once a week or a few times a month, you can benefit from attending class.  Rock Steady Boxing is more than just an exercise program – friendships are formed, care partners make connections, and participants learn valuable skills in order to better function in daily life away from the gym.


  1. I Don’t Drive and I Have No Way to Get There 

Every effort will be made to find Rock Steady Boxing  participants who might provide car pool options in the event you need transportation to Rock Steady Boxing.  We are also on local bus routes and of course you can UBER! 


  1. I Don’t Know What This is All About

Rock Steady Boxing’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease through exercise and positive social interaction.  Classes are divided into four groups that meet the individual needs of each person.


  1. It Costs Too Much

The membership fee allows every member full access to UNLIMITED Rock Steady’s boxing classes.  Otherwise we offer a very cost effective 8 class a month package. In fact our 8 class package is over 30% CHEAPER compared to other Rock Steady Boxing facilities.  If you are unable to afford this amount, please talk to the coach about a reduced rate. It is Rock Steady Boxing’s goal to provide this valuable boxing-style exercise program to all person with Parkinson’s regardless of their ability to pay. 


  1. I Don’t Like Exercise

Time to get out of your comfort zone I’m afraid! Research is proving the importance of exercise in the life of a person with Parkinson’s.  The statement “use it or lose it” truly applies to anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  If Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms are not met with resistance, the disease will likely take the path of least resistance, progressing more rapidly than without exercise intervention.


  1. This Program is Not Recommended by My Doctor

Rarely do we hear exercise is not recommended by physicians.  As research into the benefits of Parkinson’s and exercise progresses, neurologists are taking notice.  Through out the whole country more and more doctors are frequently making Rock Steady Boxing referrals on the day of diagnosis.


  1. I Don’t Know Anyone

The Parkinson’s boxers at Rock Steady know no strangers.  They all share the same fight, and the camaraderie in the gym is just as important as the fitness training.


  1. I Don’t Think Boxing Fitness Classes Will Help Me

We recommend to anyone interested in the program to view a class and chat with the members.  They are our representatives; they provide the testimonials that say again and again, “this works.” The vast majority of our members had no boxing training prior to Rock Steady, and many were not involved in any rigorous physical activity at all. And remember – this is not about the boxing, you won’t be training for the Olympics 🙂 The nature of boxing style training the Rock Steady way  provides direct opposition to the symptoms of Parkinsons. 

  1. I Tried a Class and Didn’t Really Like It

Rock Steady will not appeal to everyone who tries it, but how can you know if you don’t try? We’ll happily make recommendations to other local programs and classes such as swimming, yoga, dance, and physical-therapy based programs.  However the benefits of our Rock Steady Boxing program are there to be seen. 


  1. I Don’t Think My Heart Can Take It

Upon initial assessment, we identify medical conditions that cause us to make modifications in the training process.  With proper communication between trainer and boxer, we can modify any exercise or recommend alternative exercises based on that individual’s needs. Rest assured that whilst we will push you appropriately during our classes we will make sure that you don’t over do it! 


  1. I Am Too Embarrassed By My Parkinson’s To Join

We understand the self-consciousness may accompany Parkinson’s.  Rock Steady Boxing was created as a safe haven for people with Parkinson’s to share a sense of community, re-establish their self-esteem, and most of all, to not feel alone as they “fight back.” If you prefer we won’t publish pictures or video of your training, it will remain between you and us. We would however record certain elements of your sessions for ongoing comparison and analysis.  It’s wonderful to look back and see how well people have progressed. 


  1. I Am Going to Join a Commercial Gym Instead

The group dynamic has proven to be motivating for many of our members.  A shared sense of accountability seems to make it easier for many people to get to the gym. The camaraderie between boxers, firm but loving instruction from the Coaches, and high intensity workouts has proven more effective than a person exercising alone.  By the way – we also offer commercial gym facilities and memberships. In fact all of our equipment is used during Rock Steady Boxing classes. You are always welcome!








JQ's BFit2 Cross Training Club & JQ's 24hr Studio Gym
4563 Indian Creek Parkway
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Rock Steady Boxing JQ's Parkinson's Training Center
4563 Indian Creek Parkway
Overland Park KS 66207

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